Photographs from the Halton Transport Photo archives albums.

Buses on Trial in Widnes 1907

              Critchley Norris, Farnworth Widnes                                      Commer open top Widnes, bound for Presco

  widnes chritchley norris.jpg (38082 bytes)      Trial commer bradley widnes.jpg (44460 bytes)

Open top bus West Bank

critchley west bank.jpg (55336 bytes)

First four Commer buses Delivered to Widnes Corporation
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First 4 Commers during delivery, 1909.jpg (22749 bytes)

   Widnes Commer covered top double decker 1909                      Widnes Commer at Irwell Street West Bank April 1911

        widnes commer.jpg (51039 bytes)   Irwell Street, West Bank, April 1911.jpg (24179 bytes)

           Widnes Commer at the Vicarage Public House Rainhill Village1910

          Widnes Corp bus in Rainhill, 1910.jpg (49260 bytes)

Widnes Commer decorated for coronation of king George V                 Drivers cab Widnes Commer

     commer coronation.jpg (36625 bytes)            commer cab.jpg (25028 bytes)

            Widnes Commer Birchfield road 1911                                          Widnes Commer West Bank 1911      

commer birchfield rd.jpg (52390 bytes)   Old decker, Church Street, West Bank c1911.jpg (22528 bytes)

A fine pose for 3 of the 4 commers for the camera

commers posing.jpg (69418 bytes)


Comer B1263 Farnworth street

commer farnworth


One of the single deck Commers No5 or 6 Widnes 1912


Unidentified Single deck bus

Unident tilling.jpg (85573 bytes)

     Widnes No15 Tilling Stevens single deck bus in Farnworth Widnes 1919
These buses where petrol electric powered and had no clutch or gearbox

   No.15 in Farnworth, 1913.jpg (36731 bytes)

Tilling Stevens waits at West Bank for the Transporter car to arrive from Runcorn

Transporter bridge.jpg (53417 bytes)

 Widnes Tilling Stevens buses outside Widnes Town Hall 1925

Tilling Stevens fleet at Widnes Town Hall c1925.jpg (35955 bytes)

 Widnes Tilling Stevens buses outside the Moor Lane bus garage in 1925

tilling Stevens fleet outside new depot, 1925.jpg (34978 bytes)

  Widnes Tilling Stevens fleet inside the Moor Lane bus garage in 1925

Tilling Stevens fleet in depot, 1925.jpg (51547 bytes)

                                       Brand new Widnes Leyland Lion No27 in 1930                                        

No.27, Leyland Lion, 1930.jpg (31141 bytes)  No.27, Leyland Lion, 1930. B.jpg (34779 bytes)

         Widnes Leyland PD2 No 6 Outside the bus depot in 1951

      No. 6, Leyland PD2 outside depot, 1951.jpg (54634 bytes)

Widnes 14 & 15 Leyland PD2/1s dressed up for the 1952 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
(photo's courtesy of Don Lowe)


Ex Widnes employee Don Lowe poses with No 7 JTD 342 Leyland PD2/1
 on car park at the Horns Hotel in 1956.


 Widnes No19 Leyland Royal Tiger 1960                              Widnes No14 Leyland PD2 when new in 1959

No.19, Leyland Royal Tiger c 1960 B.jpg (26173 bytes)   No. 14, Leyland PD2, when new, 1959.jpg (36755 bytes)

           Widnes Leyland PD2 No 20 crosses the Runcorn / Widnes bridge just after it was opened in July 1961
 The old Transporter bridge is still visible on the right

       No.20, Leyland PD2, soon after Runcorn to Widnes Bridge open.jpg (76577 bytes)

                           Widnes Leyland PD2 No36 at Widnes 1965                         Widnes Leyland Leopard No50 when new in 1969                                        

No.36, Widnes Town Hall, c1965.jpg (32450 bytes)  No.50, Leyland Leopard as new, 1968.jpg (44532 bytes)

       Widnes No22 AEC Regent II                            Widnes No49 Daimler CWA6    


      Widnes No4 Leyland PD1A                               Widnes No16 Leyland PD2/30


Widnes No23 Leyland PD2/12                      Widnes No28 Leyland PD2/40


    Widnes No34 Leyland PD2/40                             Widnes No7 Leyland PD2/1 

dd34.jpg (20161 bytes)   dd7.jpg (16329 bytes)

       Widnes No19 Leyland PSU1/13          Widnes No35 & No36 both Leyland PD2/40s 


       Widnes No45 Leyland PSU4/1R                        Widnes No50 Leyland PSU4A/2R 


   Widnes No4 Bristol RESL6L                              Widnes No54 & No3 Bristol RESL6L


  Widnes No7 Bristol RELL6L last Corporation bus purchased                 Widnes No5 Bristol RELL6L

No. 7, Bristol RE, Widnes, 1982.jpg (30330 bytes)   halton 5.jpg (13219 bytes)

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