Hello My Name is

Juddseea        I'm a Chilean Rose


MY SUBFAMILY IS (theraphosinae) COMMON NAME (Chilean rose)

GENUS SPECIE NAME IS (phrixotrichus cala chamberlin)

I live in Merseyside with my owner Paul and have lived there since March 1999, my family originate from Chile and the American Southwest. I am a long lived burrowing spider and like to live in dry sandy conditions, I eat lots of insects including crickets, beetles, moths and  fly's. I am venomous and I do bite and have a reputation for being not to aggressive but so far Paul has been nice to me so I have not bit him. (yet)


I'm A
EXICAN RED KNEE TARANTULA (brachypelma smithi)

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I'm pauls latest Spider I'm a
Brazilian White Knee Tarantula (acanthoscurria geniculata)

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