Widnes Corporation Leyland National

No 1   RTC 645L

This Leyland National Mk1 was the only one that was purchased under the Corporation banner. The bus was bought in September 1972
and given the fleet number 1. The bus was the 55th off the Leyland National production line and was the first single door National to be produced,
all previous ones where dual door. It remained in service with Widnes and Halton until 1992 and had completed 507,400 miles.
After withdrawal No1 was donated to the North West Museum of Road Transport and was restored to its former Widnes Corporation glory in 1999

No 1 in Prescot Bus Station November 1999

LEY NAT 1 Prescot.jpg (77313 bytes)

No 1 in Runcorn

LEY NAT 1 Runcorn.jpg (78931 bytes)

No 1 Just before repaint looking like a patchwork quilt

widnes national patchwork.jpg (86055 bytes)

No 1 fresh painted in Halton Bus Garage

widnes national repaint.jpg (65633 bytes)

A limited edition model (500 only) of No1 with 35 St Helens destination is now available at 19.00
 please contact North West Museum Of Road Transport  if you would like one.

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