This bus"after withdrawal from service" had stood in all the elements for many years at the Halton Transport depot in Widnes and was rotting away. It was brought into the garage and in a matter of weeks restored and fully repainted "see restoration pictures below" then undertook an epic journey. This bus was driven to the twin town of Widnes "Usti Nad Labem" in the Czech Republic by myself and fellow Halton Transport colleagues Shaun McGarry, Rob Hughes and Ray Pearce in June 1999. We drove from Widnes to Dover then on the ferry across the English channel and then drove through France, Luxembourg, Germany and into the Czech Republic. We left on Monday night and arrived on Thursday morning. The bus performed faultlessly throughout its journey and even undertook a two day bus service when it got to Usti Nad Labem. No 23 was presented to the town of Usti Nad Labem by the Mayor of Widnes and David Cunningham "Halton Transport General Manager" to celebrate 100 years of public transport in the town and thus remains there.           

No 23 at Chlumec bus terminal 9th September 2000 (photo taken by Jan Maxa)

23 In Usti Nad Labem Town Center

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23 & 24 in the yard at Halton Transport                                            23 in the yard

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New turbo fitted to 23                                                        23 on maintenance pit

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John works on the front                                                  Rob paints the inside

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  New batteries for 23                                                   Mark fits the wheels

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