Crosville Bristol VRT
DVL 435

This Bristol VR was bought new by Crosville Motor Services in 1980 and was allocated to their Mold, North Wales depot. It also operated out of Rhyl and Llandudno depots for a short time but returned to Mold to finish its Crosville service. In 1989 after Crosville had finished with this bus it was bought by Eagles & Crawford a private bus and coach company who also operated out of Mold. The bus was mainly used on school contracts around Mold and the surrounding towns. When Eagles & Crawford finished with the bus in 2002 our group "Bristol VR Group Liverpool" went to Mold to see the bus and realising what good condition it was in "especially the inside" we bought it straight away. We ran the bus for a few years in Eagles & Crawford colour scheme till we had saved enough money to give her a well deserved facelift and put her back to original NBC Green colour. We decided to replace about 7 aluminium panels that had slight dents in them and then rub down the rest of the panels on the bus ready to take its new NBC Green paint. All in all it took us about 6 months to do all the required work and put her back on the road once again as an impressive Crosville Bristol VR

Crosville DVL 435 - RMA 435 V

Bristol VRT Lowdeck 13'8" spec 

ECW Bodywork 74 seats

Leyland 501 diesel engine

5 speed RV90 semi auto gearbox

Max speed 63mph

Overall length 30'5" - width 8'21/2"

Overhang - front 7'3" - rear 7'2"

Wheelbase 16'2" - Turning circle 66'0"

 DVL 435 sits in the bus station in her home town of Mold on 24.9.2006


DVL 435 on a Crosville Liverpool route


This is a model of DVL 435 by EFE