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Great web site for information and pictures of North West Darts.
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 These pages provide information and pictures about
Widnes Corporation and Halton Transport buses
from the creation of the Corporation to the change over to            Halton Transport and closure    

Widnes is a North Western industrial town situated on the banks of the river Mersey about 15 miles up river from Liverpool. In 1909 Widnes started its own corporation bus service and purchased four Commer covered top double deck buses from Commercial Cars LTD based in Luton. These were the first covered top double deck buses in England "probably the world". They had to be covered top due to the corrosive atmosphere and acid rain in Widnes associated with the chemical factories. The name "Widnes Corporation" was displayed on the side of all the buses until April 1974, it was then that the name was changed to the present day name of  Halton Transport. During the Corporation years they purchased over one hundred buses, sadly most of them have long been scrapped. Five of these buses still remain with us, four of them at the North West Museum of Road Transport in St. Helens. Three of them have been preserved and are all fully road worthy, the fourth is awaiting preservation and the fifth was turned into a tow bus by Halton Transport and is currently at the Manchester Transport Museum. Open links for details and photographs of the five buses. There are also quite a number of Halton Transport buses in preservation. If you require more detailed information on any aspect of Widnes Corporation or Halton Transport buses please e-mail   

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Widnes & Halton Buses
1909 - 2020
111 Years

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